A Year Ago

YES! It’s been almost a year ago since my last post here. I was soooooooooooo busy with school, and life, and sleeping that I couldn’t update this even after all the places I’ve been. Gosh. I suck at blogging. A year without  blogging does that I guess.

So to start 2014, I’m gonna show you the church me and my mom went to for 9 mornings for the Misa de Gallo last December 16, 2013 to December 24, 2013. It’s the Santo Nino de Cebu Church in Binan, Laguna.



It’s a nice church and it’s sorta in the middle of nowhere and the closest commercial place is McDonald’s so you won’t get tempted to leave the place in the  middle of the mass or not pay attention. Beside it is Colegio San Agustin where I studied for a year (2nd grade). The place is very big and so is the church. During Misa De Gallo, there were no kids, teenagers that were doing stuff that are inappropriate so there’s also that.

Overall, it was a nice experience going to mass there for the first time. I couldn’t take a lot of pictures since my mobile phone is a bit unstable that time so this is the only one I got. Try and visit the church guys, it’s really nice and peaceful.