Home Is Where the Heart♥ Really Is!

About three years ago, my mom together with my two siblings and including me had to transfer houses. It was a family matter I would rather keep to myself. We transferred to my grandma’s house in the country/province side and I had to say goodbye to the home I grew up in, in the city.

It was HELL. I had no friends, no places to hang out, the phone and internet reception was below acceptable and there were no stores that sell my stuff! (anime, books, art stuff). I hated it. I also had to transfer schools and I had to switch majors. It was the only good thing that happened to me, switching majors. It was a course that I wanted. It was cheaper in my current school so I had to grab that opportunity although my graduation time got delayed.

Anyways, I got home sick. Until now I still get home sick. I long for the days in my old home. My REAL home. I miss it so much! So what I do is I sneak out every time class is dismissed early, ride a bus, and visit my dad and my home. I just lie down on my bed and absorb all the good vibes in that room of mine. After that, I always go for ice cream and walk around at the bay side fifteen minutes away from my home. The sunset the last time was beautiful!

This is one of my favorite travel adventures. Beside the excitement of sneaking out, it gives me the feeling of those rpg games that I have this mission to do and I need to reach my goal to get my prize. My prize? Inner peace and good vibes. I’ll be travelling here again sometime this week. Hopefully class gets dismissed early lotsa times! XD

Sunset and Good Vibes


My Heart: Longing

It’s been awhile people! For this first post of 2013 I’m going to let you in on one of my secrets! *cue people making the “oooh” sound*

Okay. So, everybody has their dream travel destination right? Some part of oneself has this longing for a certain place whether found on Earth or outside the final frontier. So you guessed it, I’m gonna tell you my dream destination for travel. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by this country. The very culture and how they live day by day intrigues me and the worst part is, it’s the most difficult country to enter!

Oh how my heart longs for dear ol’ Japan. 281075w7632x3esc

Japan, for me, has the most amazing culture there is in Asia. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ashamed of my own culture and heritage. Japan has this certain pull on me that makes my heart long for something I haven’t seen and experienced.

You’re probably asking, “What is it with Japan anyways? Didn’t they try to get your country?” Past is past, as they say. (This should have been some sort of a joke. A funny line but it was messed up. It was so funny in my brain though.) To answer your very good question…

I don’t know.

To tell you the truth, I really don’t know why Japan appeals to my taste too much BUT… just to show you some hint of Japan, lemme ask Mister Google for some pictures of some places in Japan I long to visit:



This is Tokyo, Japan. It’s the most busiest place, they say and it’s also the most beautiful at night. If I were there right now, I would just walk around with my umbrella and see the lights! A friend of mine says the lights are amazing at night!

Another thing that I have set my eyes on when I plan my travel to Japan would be the very famous CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL!



Judging by the pictures Mister Google showed me, this festival is very beautiful. Just look at that kimono and cherry blossoms! Oh  my! It really makes my heart ache seeing it only in a picture.

Last but not the least, something we OTAKU consider as “Heaven on Earth” …The famous HARAJUKU of Japan:



Everything Anime is in here. Not to mention cool “Harajuku Fashion” for Anime and Japanese Fashion enthusiasts (err… someone like yours truly ^_^).


How I long to visit the country of Japan! It’s just amazing how a simple mention of anything related to Japan makes my heart beat faster. This is really one of my secrets. I don’t really like telling secrets but I guess it’s a good way to start the year 2013~ I hope everyone prays for me so I can finally reach one of my dream travels!

Ja~ 🙂

To the Road Less Traveled: Off to Neverland! Wonderland would have to wait!

Travel AdventureAs a requirement for my WritWeb subject,  I have to upload a graphic, picture or drawn image, that is related to our blog topic. Since mine is all about travel, I figured, I’ll play around my topic and make it as fun as possible!

Since I love imagining adventures while traveling, I’ve come up with the piece above as you can see. Choosing between Neverland or Wonderland, I figured I’d go to Neverland first! 🙂


To Infinity and Beyond~

Ask any person and they would surely say yes when you ask them if they would like to travel. Travelling is like being in a new world with new people. It’s really a very exciting experience especially when you’re out of your comfort zone and you’re in that moment when there are no plans and no schedules; just you, your camera, and your adventure.

Whether international or local, you can be a traveler. Heck, just going to school and back is considered travelling. But there is one kind of travel that I really dream about. It’s what they call as an ADVENTURE.

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

Typically, no person wants to get lost in an unknown place. I for one feels the same way but sometimes, there’s a feeling in me that urges me to get lost anyways. I’ve done it a couple of times. It’s not the most safest way to be adventurous but hey, who said that adventures are safe? 🙂

I’ve only been in a few local places and the farthest I’ve been in the Philippines are Baguio City and Sorsogon. Besides that, it’s either I get myself lost in the city of Manila or walk around our area. Due to limited resources such as money, I cannot afford to travel elsewhere. So, what I do is that I make every possible “small travel” an adventure and let my feet take me wherever it goes.

I have dream travels. Different countries, different people, different experiences. That’s my ultimate dream. First is the country of Japan. Who doesn’t love Japan? The cleanliness, the art, the cherry blossoms, and the toys! My goodness, the toys! I’m a kid at heart so imagine me standing in front of a store with all those action figures!

Second country I would like to reach would be Korea. No, it’s not because of K-Pop. Okay maybe a little. Then there’s England, France, Italy, err… Europe! Come on, is that even questionable? Europe has the richest history of art. What I love about Europe is the different experiences you gain in every possible aspect of life; from food, to people, history, fashion, ambiance, etc. Everything’s in Europe!

Of course, that’s only the beginning. If I can, I’d travel the world! From north to south, and east to west! Without a map because in my honest opinion, maps are useless. Heck, I can’t even read a map or a compass! As long as I have my camera, my notebook, and my dream, I don’t need some paper with directions that are as confusing as algebra.

So let’s pray that I get to travel the world and I might visit you wherever you are. If I do, we’ll take a picture and forever seal that experience! To infinity and beyond!