Travel Essentials

People kept asking me what’s inside my bag every time I embark on my local travels and adventures. To answer their questions, I’ll list my top ten Travel Essentials that you will usually find inside my bag. These things make my travels easy, comfortable, and makes me prepared for whatever happens during my adventures. So let’s cut my intro short and let’s dive inside my bag!


Travel Essentials

Let’s start with the basic; my wallet. Come on, it’s quite common sense, isn’t it? As much as I hate to believe and say this but nowadays, money does make the world go round. You need money to get to practically anywhere beyond your place. Plus, you’ll never know what you’ll encounter in your travels that requires money so better be prepared than sorry!

Number 2 travel essential inside my bag is my Camera. Traveler or not, a person usually brings a camera around. Especially now that consumer cameras and cellphone cameras are very accessible and cheap. What better way to capture a moment or an unforgettable experience than a trusty camera? Be it a DSLR, a compact digital camera, or even a cellphone camera, what matters is that you freeze that one moment that you feel special about and have that reminder for the rest of your life.

Third is a mobile phone/cellphone. Why? For emergencies and whatnot. Sometimes, when I travel around locally like in Makati or Manila, I make it a point to text my mom or dad where I’m headed so in case something happens, they know where I am. Also, a phone is very handy when you get lost. It’s one of the important travel essential.

Number four and number five travel essentials you’ll find in my bag would be a sketchpad/pencil case and a good book.. When I travel, I tend to stop at a restaurant, coffee shop and the like and just relax. After a long day of walking and going around taking pictures, I love to just sit down, drink some tea or something while doodling, writing or reading a good book. Also, while traveling, there are times when you just can’t help but be bored, especially when you’re riding a bus or a train. So I take out a book and read. It kills time and helps your imagination.

For number six, you’ll always find my basic make up pouch. I don’t know about guys though but as a girl, I believe that wherever you go, you have to look your best. You don’t have to go all out and go dress to impress or dress to kill but at least look presentable. Walking around and being exposed to some pollution (if you’re walking around cities) isn’t exactly a very nice touch to your face so I always bring: pressed powder, small pocket foundation, eyeliner, and lipstick. Just for quick retouches for a fresh look. You’ll never know who you’ll meet in your travels so better be prepared, yes?

Seventh travel essential inside my bag is my I.D. because there were times that I had to leave a place just because I forgot my identification cards. Be it your school I.D., driver’s license, passport, etc. Always bring one.

For my number eight, it is my iPod/mp3 player. I can never EVER leave the house without my iPod. Another “kill-boredom-when-it-strikes” thing. Also, it inspires me while I take pictures and makes my imagination run while traveling making my day a lot more fun so it’s really a travel essential for me.

For number nine, you will always find a pepper spray inside my bag when I travel especially when I’m alone. Again, you’ll never know who you’ll meet and you’ll never know how long will you stay in one place so just have some “safety” my mom always makes sure that I have my compact pepper spray inside my bag. My mom always reminds me how essential that is.

Last but certainly not the least is a hand sanitizer. When you travel, locally or internationally, there are times when you need to get down and dirty. So what better way to quickly disinfect your hands than with a sanitizer. It comes in a small bottle so it will be easy to stuff it inside your bag.

So… that’s it folks! My top ten travel essentials. Of course, it differs from person to person. These are just my own essentials so really, it depends on how you roll. These are the things you will usually see inside my bag. So the next time you see me walking around, try and dive into my bag, maybe I’ve added a few things to make my travels easier and more comfortable.

How about you? What’s inside your bag? 🙂