Home Is Where the Heart♥ Really Is!

About three years ago, my mom together with my two siblings and including me had to transfer houses. It was a family matter I would rather keep to myself. We transferred to my grandma’s house in the country/province side and I had to say goodbye to the home I grew up in, in the city.

It was HELL. I had no friends, no places to hang out, the phone and internet reception was below acceptable and there were no stores that sell my stuff! (anime, books, art stuff). I hated it. I also had to transfer schools and I had to switch majors. It was the only good thing that happened to me, switching majors. It was a course that I wanted. It was cheaper in my current school so I had to grab that opportunity although my graduation time got delayed.

Anyways, I got home sick. Until now I still get home sick. I long for the days in my old home. My REAL home. I miss it so much! So what I do is I sneak out every time class is dismissed early, ride a bus, and visit my dad and my home. I just lie down on my bed and absorb all the good vibes in that room of mine. After that, I always go for ice cream and walk around at the bay side fifteen minutes away from my home. The sunset the last time was beautiful!

This is one of my favorite travel adventures. Beside the excitement of sneaking out, it gives me the feeling of those rpg games that I have this mission to do and I need to reach my goal to get my prize. My prize? Inner peace and good vibes. I’ll be travelling here again sometime this week. Hopefully class gets dismissed early lotsa times! XD

Sunset and Good Vibes


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