My Heart: Longing

It’s been awhile people! For this first post of 2013 I’m going to let you in on one of my secrets! *cue people making the “oooh” sound*

Okay. So, everybody has their dream travel destination right? Some part of oneself has this longing for a certain place whether found on Earth or outside the final frontier. So you guessed it, I’m gonna tell you my dream destination for travel. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by this country. The very culture and how they live day by day intrigues me and the worst part is, it’s the most difficult country to enter!

Oh how my heart longs for dear ol’ Japan. 281075w7632x3esc

Japan, for me, has the most amazing culture there is in Asia. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ashamed of my own culture and heritage. Japan has this certain pull on me that makes my heart long for something I haven’t seen and experienced.

You’re probably asking, “What is it with Japan anyways? Didn’t they try to get your country?” Past is past, as they say. (This should have been some sort of a joke. A funny line but it was messed up. It was so funny in my brain though.) To answer your very good question…

I don’t know.

To tell you the truth, I really don’t know why Japan appeals to my taste too much BUT… just to show you some hint of Japan, lemme ask Mister Google for some pictures of some places in Japan I long to visit:


This is Tokyo, Japan. It’s the most busiest place, they say and it’s also the most beautiful at night. If I were there right now, I would just walk around with my umbrella and see the lights! A friend of mine says the lights are amazing at night!

Another thing that I have set my eyes on when I plan my travel to Japan would be the very famous CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL!



Judging by the pictures Mister Google showed me, this festival is very beautiful. Just look at that kimono and cherry blossoms! Oh  my! It really makes my heart ache seeing it only in a picture.

Last but not the least, something we OTAKU consider as “Heaven on Earth” …The famous HARAJUKU of Japan:



Everything Anime is in here. Not to mention cool “Harajuku Fashion” for Anime and Japanese Fashion enthusiasts (err… someone like yours truly ^_^).


How I long to visit the country of Japan! It’s just amazing how a simple mention of anything related to Japan makes my heart beat faster. This is really one of my secrets. I don’t really like telling secrets but I guess it’s a good way to start the year 2013~ I hope everyone prays for me so I can finally reach one of my dream travels!

Ja~ 🙂


22 thoughts on “My Heart: Longing

    • Wow, really? Oh my goodness! Thank you very VERY much! This makes my heart really happy! Oh my goodness I just don’t know what to say but thank you! Really~ 🙂

  1. Hello, from Japan;)
    I really hope you will come here soon!!
    I am sure my country,Japan won’t disappoint you!
    Thanks for loving my country such deeply:)

    • Hello from the Philippines and you’re very welcome, I really love your country! I do hope I can visit Japan soon! If only I have the resources right now, I’d fly there in a jiffy!

  2. We , Japanese , are welcome all foreigner who loves Japan.

    But please be careful ! In Japan , there are a lot of Chinese and Korean who work in Japan only for money. Basically , they hate Japan. But they love Money. They commit a lot of Crime. We think that you can not distinguish Japanese and other Asian only by out-looking.
    Anyway , be careful Chinese and Korean. They are completely different from Japanese.

  3. あまり日本に期待すると、失望するかもしれませんよ^^;


    • Sorry, I don’t really read Japanese but I used Google Translate and although it wasn’t THAT accurate, I still got a bit of your point. So thank you very much! I’ll keep it in mind! 🙂

  4. Hello
    Thank you for getting interested in Japan.
    I check these middle media every day.
    20 or more nations of traveling abroad went.

  5. Japan is a country long streched from north to south, and a fact that 70% of the land belongs to mountains. This shows the islands has varieties of the nature.

    So, in Okinawa Islands has the cherry blossom – KanhiZakura – in the end of January, and the Izu Peninsula (not so far from Tokyo ) has another type of cherry blossom – KawazuZakura – in February. If you want to view the most common kind of the flower – SomeiYoshino – in Tokyo or Kyoto, end of March is the best timing to visit, as long as the weather behaves regularly.

    Kyoto – the city made for aristocrat and had long been a capital of Japan – has many beautiful architectures and gardens of Buddhist temple and Sintoh shrine. The city consists of the Basin in center and mountains in the north, east and west. So, in Sakura season, you can view the flowers from middle of March to middle of April. Although, if you can enjoy only to the full blossom moment, it is better to go the city at the end of March or beginning of April. At such a peak season, you can expect illuminations of Sakura flower at famous gardens of temples after the sunset.

    The other extraordinary scenic sight is Autumn when the leaves of the trees dressed in beautiful red, orange, yellow and some stay in green. With the topographical reason shown above, you can enjoy this art of the natural colors in Kyoto althrough the fall. Particularly the latter half of November is the best period to enjoy heavenly paintings in this old capital.

    Of course, there are so many places althrough the archipelago to enjoy viewing the colorful leaves – the savory of Autumn. Nikko is one of the place and the site is day-trip-distance from Tokyo. The location has the world heritage such like Nikko-TouShouGuU/TohShohGuU, the elaborate unusual architectures are worth to spend time to view. Also, the place is very famous of many waterfalls such as Kegon-no-Taki and RyuZu-no-Taki. Adjacent to Nikko is OkuNikko and KinuGawa. Both are known for hot springs resorts, you will enjoy sulfur quality milky spa in the former place, and the transparent mineral water with a time-slipping-theme-park, Samurai warriors and Ninjya world in the aged town in the latter.

    Both spring and autumn are nice and warm easy seasons but also the busy periods among the year. If you want to trip the seasons in Japan, be sure to book the lodges in advance in such sight-seeing places like Kyoto and Nikko. When you couldn’t, get a reservation close to the destination. For example, Ohtsu/Ootsu city is unspoken close city to access Kyoto.

    Japan Rail Pass is helpful when you want Shinkansen – bullet train experience, because you can expect discount, etc. But if you have a confidence in your strength but not in budget, highway bus especially night cruising is good to save your money. Typical fare of one way trip from Tokyo to Kyoto by highway bus is 4,000 yen. Most of the bus has a lavatory and two stops during driving in the highway. By using the night bus, you can save one night charge of the lodge, minimize the transportation fee and maximize the day use. because it often departs from Tokyo at 22:00 or 23:00 and arrives to Kyoto at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. Vice versa.

    Kyoto has one of the most biggest Manga museum in the world, Tokyo has Ghibli Museum at suburb of the city center and Gundam amusement park at Tokyo Bay.

    You must reserve Ghibli or Gundam beforehand, since they are very popular among the world.

    Maybe I covered many of your interests.

    I used to be a backpaker, and have messages for you.

    Even with a whole one week, it is too short to enjoy Kyoto in any season, but it is a must-go-place even within a day.

    Winter of Japan is very cold, but you can enjoy less congestion and free from traffic jam in the sight-seeing places.

    Snow dressed historical buildings, represented such as KinKaku-ji temple – the Golden Pavilion, are enormously impressive and beautiful.

    Powdered snow is now very famous and loved by Australian skiers in Hokkaido with hot spring after five.

    Even in a humid rainy season, you will have some charms in the trip. For instance, Kamakura – the city designed by Samurai warriors – has some temples which are nation-widely known for the gardens full of beautiful hydrangeas.

    When you can go to the country in your most desirous season with satisfactory period, it’s OK.
    But even if you think you have reluctant option in season or in period of the stay, still it is worth experience the country.

    Pack light will make your trip bright. Enjoy.

    • Reading your comment just made me want to go grab a backpack and leave for Japan! Thank you for this awesome information. I’ll take note of everything, especially the Manga Museum and Kamakura! That city designed by samurai warriors is definitely on my “to visit” list!

      • Today is a holiday of Japan, but in Tokyo I am watching snow for hours and hours from the morning, very unusual. But lucky for you.

        Additional informations are the followings your reply.

        Manga & Samurai in Kyoto :

        The below is the site of Kyoto International Manga Museum.

        Samurai will be familiar, if you go to TOEI Kyoto Studio Park.
        Experience the Ninjya house, dressing yourself with Samurai costume, the shows of Japanese Power Ranger and Kamen Rider, and etc.

        Samurai in Kamakura
        The Samurai costume here belongs to Kamakura period, older than the Edo period the time often you can view at the cinema or drama.

        Castles recommend

        Himeji Castle
        One of the national treasure and the world heritage, its outlook is the most beautiful among every castles in Japan. The holistic castle design is so elaborate that you can image any invaders drain both physically and mentally.

        Now its donjon is on the grand restoration, you will miss to view the beautiful out look, but there is a special tour only for the period that you can watch the detail of the building top parts at a close distance in safely.

        Kumamoto Castle
        The most massive castle in Japan is Kumamoto Castle.


        Non-Japanese warriors in festival.

        Skills of genuine modern sword masters

        Explaining his skills to youngmen.

        Non-Japanese Blackbelt-Karateman check the skill of the sword master.
        (sometimes in English)

  6. “My Heart: Longing | To Neverland!” in
    reality got me personally simply hooked with your
    internet page! I reallydefinitely will wind up being back
    much more often. Thanks a lot ,Arden

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