To Infinity and Beyond~

Ask any person and they would surely say yes when you ask them if they would like to travel. Travelling is like being in a new world with new people. It’s really a very exciting experience especially when you’re out of your comfort zone and you’re in that moment when there are no plans and no schedules; just you, your camera, and your adventure.

Whether international or local, you can be a traveler. Heck, just going to school and back is considered travelling. But there is one kind of travel that I really dream about. It’s what they call as an ADVENTURE.

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

Typically, no person wants to get lost in an unknown place. I for one feels the same way but sometimes, there’s a feeling in me that urges me to get lost anyways. I’ve done it a couple of times. It’s not the most safest way to be adventurous but hey, who said that adventures are safe? 🙂

I’ve only been in a few local places and the farthest I’ve been in the Philippines are Baguio City and Sorsogon. Besides that, it’s either I get myself lost in the city of Manila or walk around our area. Due to limited resources such as money, I cannot afford to travel elsewhere. So, what I do is that I make every possible “small travel” an adventure and let my feet take me wherever it goes.

I have dream travels. Different countries, different people, different experiences. That’s my ultimate dream. First is the country of Japan. Who doesn’t love Japan? The cleanliness, the art, the cherry blossoms, and the toys! My goodness, the toys! I’m a kid at heart so imagine me standing in front of a store with all those action figures!

Second country I would like to reach would be Korea. No, it’s not because of K-Pop. Okay maybe a little. Then there’s England, France, Italy, err… Europe! Come on, is that even questionable? Europe has the richest history of art. What I love about Europe is the different experiences you gain in every possible aspect of life; from food, to people, history, fashion, ambiance, etc. Everything’s in Europe!

Of course, that’s only the beginning. If I can, I’d travel the world! From north to south, and east to west! Without a map because in my honest opinion, maps are useless. Heck, I can’t even read a map or a compass! As long as I have my camera, my notebook, and my dream, I don’t need some paper with directions that are as confusing as algebra.

So let’s pray that I get to travel the world and I might visit you wherever you are. If I do, we’ll take a picture and forever seal that experience! To infinity and beyond!


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